Final edit

Here is my final edit of my film. From editing my two previous cuts, I was able to see where my strengths and weakness lie in the videos, and was able to adapt to my weakness and produce my final edit of the video below. I made a major adaption to my videos my editing in narration above the sound score to make sure I really highlighted an extra aspect of comedy. I have put lots of time into making my final production by myself, and hope for a successful outcome.


Evaluation Task 8

Here is the following on the audiance feedback that I received:

– From my youtube account I received analytic’s of my much viewing my youtube channel received on my final edit.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 16.25.32

As you can see above I have received 55 views on my video and 54 minutes of people watching it. This shows that People have not watched the video the whole way through which could be due to a variety of different reasons.

Here are more analytic’s that I received from my youtube channel which show the variation of people who watched my video globally and from the UK. One thing that youtube dose not obviously show is what Gender is watching the video from the user account, and this could have been a key aspect to find out, because it could differentiate which gender had bigger attraction on my video or wether it was pretty equal.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 16.25.18

Here below is personal feedback I received from audiance members on facebook:

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.39.02Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 22.10.57Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 20.58.17Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 09.11.37Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 20.57.52Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 09.09.39Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 20.57.59Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 22.10.48


Evaluation Task 7

In my evaluation task 7 I have discussed through commentary of my own how have progressed  from my prelim to my final edit, and what I have learnt along the way in making this video (Opening).

In this video below i clearly state main points, that I feel I have learnt well, and this consists of:

  • Cinematography – what different types of shots and camera angles.
  • Editing and sound – Making fast and slow cuts and making sound transition and overlay well and effectively.
  • Mise-en-scene – How set how my shooting locations to fit my genre of rom com. Also how I dressed my actors so that the audiance my portray them in the right way.

Evaluation Task 6

In this evaluation I have created a Prezi about what I have learnt about the technologies I have used to present and make my video and blog. Outlining my major and minor uses of technologies to form my blog and video. I feel Through presenting this information on my blog I can present the factors and items I used to make this hole video possible and let people see it from my angle and appreciate it more.


* please note that Prezi will not allow the presentation to be downloaded fully. I have taken screenshots of the work I have made in a creative way.

Evaluation task 5

In this task I have annotated my final edit. In this annotation I have annotated all the scenes that I Think will really attract my audiance and have influence on the way it is presented to them, and those following scenes will have a big impact in my final edit as they watch it.

In the following pictures below I have taken screenshots to show you my annotations clearly:



This is a link to my annotated final edit below:

AND here is link to my final edit:

Evaluation Task 4

My perfect audiance member:

Through looking at the UK Tribes website, I was able to see and fully understand more what kind of perfect audiance member I would have. My perfect audiance member would consist being aspirant. This is because my character would be into the latest and newest thing erring film or fashion designs. This would be my typical audience member as they would be trying new things and or seeing the latest edgy Romantic Comedy there is to push there comfort zones or to purely enjoy it.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do they listen too ? My audiance member would typically listen too= ed sheeren, jay Z, Coldplay, martin garrix

what films do they watch ?My audiance member would typically watch = Bridget jones dairy/baby, we are your friends, longest ride,


Evaluation Task 3

Here is my Prezi that I made that helps you understand why I chose my logo production and name. helps you understand why production companies  are so important and how distributing films works, and also  how my film attracts certain production companies.

*I was Unable to download the actual application that forms Prezi power points, so I took screen shots to show you them visually.


Evaluation Task 1

Here is a 9 shot grid from to show key parts of the film.


I created a 9 shot grid of my film “something alike”. In the 9 shot grid it includes the setting, characters, shots, and titles


The Title of the film: The title of my film I believe only convoys some what of my video. The title “something alike” emphasis similarity in a very simple way in my video, and this is clearly shown in the beginning of my film and as they both get ready in front of the mirror and play the same CD. The other half of the video is brought out in romance and comedy.

The setting: In my video the setting for my romantic comedy is very basic. It clearly shows the two People male and female, both situated in normal homes, I used 3 point Lighting in the bathrooms to show the difference between the places they stay in, and to also set the happy tone of rom con and not convey against that and make it dark space. The setting of video was also displayed in Tesco this was the main area where my audience where able to visually see both characters in the same area, to further more add to this setting, the lighting was very good and clear, which allowed to the setting to have a happy vibe to it.

Camera work and editing: This image below is important because it gives us the first impressions and viewing of the girl and the boy doing  similar acts  and movements in there bathrooms, and by editing it making the scene side by side allows the audiance to get a really sense that something might being going to happen between the two, due to editing the scene and pairing the two images together makes people think about love and romance.


Another key image in the video, is the driving scene between the two of them. This is important because I use the same editing technique of putting them side by side (parallel) while they drive, and this will immediately grab the audiences attention more as they have seen this side by side editing earlier on in the video, which will lead them to think they are going to meet and see each other, as the genre is Rom Com this naturally will sparks a light as there is a chance of the male and female passing each others paths  which excites the audiance (Josh + Rosanna)


These two images are really important because these two images show there emotions and facial expressions in “Close up” and this allows the audiance to see what kind of feelings are being transferred, and in these images it is clear to see that they are in a happy as they look across and see one another. These Shots are also important because they key shots in Romantic comedy Movies, as they are used to identify different emotions

Characters/Costumes: The Costumes of two main characters do not stand out to be over complicated, but just simple clothing that fits the character best. I didn’t want my characters to be over dressed and seem as really out ward going people in there style, and I was able to achieve this by josh wearing a black jeans and a white t-shirt and Rosanna wearing sweatpants and a sweater both of these outfits could be used in lots of different genres of films, but I felt they fitted there characters for there age. As Josh is josh is  a typical teenage age boy, and Rosanna is relaxed teenager girl.

Special FX: In my video special effects is not a hugely necessary tool as I have not found my self in any need to tackle my editing of my video with the use of Special effects.

Font and Style: Throughout my video i use clear and distinctive font of ‘Gills san bold’ with a style of text fading in and out of the picture/scene. I use this style because it isn’t edgy nor is it industrial looking. It has a very simple and comfortable feel and it conforms romantic comedy.


Story/Narrative: From the very beginning of my storyline I tried to make it clear to people that my two characters have similar interests in each other, and by trying to get this message out i feel that the 2 of my  **images really help to portray this. As the story of my film “Something alike” continues the boy and the girl both end up in Tesco and from there on we see them take notice of one another, and this signals interest and like for one another, I used close up shots of both characters looking across at each other to really try and show the interest side of one another. As the story moves on, the story goes in a different direction as Rosanna gets embarrassed in the supermarket, she runs away to her car and drives off. Josh at this point chases after her, as he as lot of of interest in her.

These final few scenes help highlight my theme of Romantic Comedy, as Rosanna represents the comedy aspect of runny away after getting embarrassed over a silly thing, and josh highlights, the romance aspect in the final scenes as he runs after her, as he finds her very attractive

Changes *

In my rough edits of my opening film, I have adapted changes in the shots and sound in order to make my video more presentable.

Shots: In some of my shots, I changed the angles of the shots because I wasn’t able to catch my characters facial expressions enough, and i did this because I felt it was important to see physical expressions to one another in the video because it enables us to understand there mood and feelings at that present time in the video

Sound: In my video my ideas of sound that i wanted to use wasn’t a problem, but i was unaware at the time that I was not allowed to use Copy right licensed music. So from this I adapted and sourced my music from “Free-play Music”

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-12-06-36*Here you can see the “close up shot” of Josh and his physical expression of “Happiness”